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噩梦城市 Nightmare City 1980
噩梦城市 Nightmare City
又 名:Incubo sulla città contaminata / Invasion by the Atomic Zombies
类 型:恐怖
导 演:Umberto Lenzi
制片地:西班牙 / 意大利 / 墨西哥
链 接:豆瓣 / IMDb (tt0080931)
分 享:

I am awestruck by this movie. Fast zombies that can use weapons, even guns, and are capable of intelligent thought. They plot a strategic offensive to take over the city, hitting the airport, then the TV stations and the power plant. If you love horror, gory, and violent movies and don't mind a little bad acting, then you will LOVE this movie. It is exciting and even a bit suspenseful. It starts out fast and hard and maintains a steady pace of mayhem and carnage.

I can't believe more people haven't seen this film. I have yet to meet a horror movie buff that has seen this film before. It is a true gemstone of European horror and exploitation, definitely up to par with the classics of the genre such as Zombi 2, Demons, House by the Cemetery, etc. And it's even readily available uncut (92 minutes) on DVD from Anchor Bay (under the title "Nightmare City") and on VHS under the title "City of the Walking Dead." Super gory and violent, a must for fans of Italian grind house flicks.